MPEG MP4 Converter

MPEG MP4 Converter 1.0

It is a tool that converts MPEG files into MP4 formats

MPEG MP4 Converter is a tool that converts MPEG files into MP4 formats.
The program has a simple but pleasant interface with all the functions at sight. Due to its uncluttered design, you can easily figure out how to use the application. All you are supposed to do is add a file, choose the desired options and select 'Convert'. The main window gives you some information about the file’s status, size, the time, the input and output file. The application allows you to select the type of the converting file: MPEG-4 video or widescreen video. If you apply for advanced options, you can modify the video quality and size or the video codec.

This tool can also help you change the audio quality and the sample. There are two other features that enable you to modify the channels and the audio codec, but it gives you only one selectable option. Another nice thing about this application is that it gives you an opportunity to change its theme.

However, it has some minor shortcomings. One of them could be the lack of the maximize option. I consider this to be a drawback because it can be annoying to use a small-windowed program. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t support the drag-and-drop feature. This function is a nice shortcut and it saves time for finding a specific file.

In conclusion, I think this is a good working tool and it doesn’t need advanced knowledge to use it. The developers managed to create a program that works properly and offers useful editing options.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Easy to use
  • Lots of editing options
  • You can change the theme


  • No drag-and-drop feature
  • No maximize option
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